A real estate platform built specifically for you

ListQuicker is a platform for running a real estate business online — individually tailored to support your staff, agents, and clients.

The back-end built for agencies, brokerages, and teams

Whether you're a colossal agency, burgeoning brokerage, property management firm, or team of ambitious agents, we've got the toolkit for you. The ListQuicker platform is your central portal for managing your business and its assets.

Build and manage your team

Control who logs into your platform and what permissions they are granted. Store their contact, social, and other pertinent data for in-house or front-end use.

Collect, edit, and track listings

Compile listing data, attach high resolution photos, track changes to price and status, build an open house schedule, assign agents — and much more.

Personal touch, with tailored Design & Integration services

Leverage the true potential of the ListQuicker platform with our Design & Integration services; Create a stunning front end experience, integrate 3rd party APIs into your system, sync listings to MLS/IDX feeds, and so much more!

We customize it for you

  • Responsive, front end website design
  • Expanded functionality utilizing third party APIs
  • Powerful IDX integration options
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